Forge Token

Forge Guess has been in testnet for the last month and the results have shown! Many tests and many contracts later, I am happy with the results.

Forge Guess allows anyone to become the house, with 0% dev fee all profits are returned to stakers in the Forge Guess!
Variable house edge depending on bet size and odds.
Users get better house edge (up to 0.5%)!

Users get the security of a chainlink Oracle with provable proofs of results.

Get out there and enjoy the new mainnet launch!!

Stat Site:

A special thanks to all the testers who really helped!!!

Next up is an Airdrop to most all 0xBitcoin, Vether, BNBitcoin, Liquidity Providers for 0xBTC, Kiwi users!! Stay tuned for Forge Airdrop!!!